Aaron Diko

  2. Joseph Childress
    Joseph Childress

  3. More Milk
    Ryan Wong

  4. Filled With Hate
    The Lovebirds

  5. MARS
    Earth Girl Helen Brown

  6. Life With Dick
    Grace Sings Sludge

  7. Mercury
    Earth Girl Helen Brown

  8. Ltd. Ed. Shirt by Jess Rotter (proceeds to SF Coalition on Homelessness)
    Jess Rotter

  9. Other Man's Blues
    Magic Trick

  10. Animal Races
    Cool Ghouls

  11. Ahh... The Name Is Emotional, Baby!

  12. Sees All Knows All
    Sonny Smith

  13. The She's "Cherry Red" b/w The Dry Spells "Heliotrope"
    The She's / The Dry Spells

  14. Ivorics
    The Latter

  15. Our Toast
    The Sandwitches

  16. A Swirling Fire Burning Through The Rye
    Cool Ghouls

  17. Red Light Museum
    Grace Sings Sludge (of The Sandwitches)

  18. "We Love Our Hole" b/w "I'll be Alright"
    Bonnie "Prince" Billy and The Cairo Gang

  19. garragearray
    Dylan Shearer

  20. River of Souls
    Magic Trick

  21. My World (original demo) // FREE Download!
    Magic Trick

  22. Coasters Riding In The Air
    Pat Thomas (of Cool Ghouls)

  23. End-dances
    Pillars and Tongues

  24. The Rebirths
    Joseph Childress

  25. Amigos
    Pruno Truman (Heidi of The Sandwitches)

  26. Tiny Rebels
    The Cairo Gang

  27. Cool Ghouls
    Cool Ghouls

  28. The Corner Man
    The Cairo Gang

  29. Porchpuddles
    Dylan Shearer

  30. The Glad Birth of Love
    Magic Trick

  31. The Pass and Crossings
    Pillars and Tongues

  32. Exits
    Charles Sharp 6 (C#6)

  33. Mrs. Jones' Cookies
    The Sandwitches

  34. Sonny & The Sandwitches EP
    Sonny Smith

  35. Good & Plenty
    Sword & Sandals

  36. Lay of Pilgrim Park
    Pillars and Tongues

  37. Holy Clover EP
    The Cairo Gang

  38. Duck, Duck, Goose! EP
    The Sandwitches

  39. Too Soon for Flowers
    The Dry Spells

  40. The Two Sides of Tim Cohen
    Tim Cohen

  41. Split (Water Tower) 7"
    Joseph Childress / The White White Quilt

  42. Bundles, Bundles, and more Bundles
    Various Artists


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Tunes by The Cairo Gang, Cool Ghouls, The Sandwitches, Magic Trick, Tim Cohen, Joseph Childress, Sword and Sandals, Dylan Shearer, Sonny Smith, Pillars and Tongues and more...

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